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On June 30th, we completed the sale of our Restaurant, Bar & Tavern program to Everguard Insurance Services in Seattle. We are no longer quoting new business accounts that are effective after July 15th and we are no longer quoting renewals accounts that are effective after July 31st. The sale applies to all program accounts, including off program supporting business such as excess and umbrella as well as EPLI policies.

We will continue mid-term servicing the runoff of our program business until each account's expiration date. Requests for service should be directed to Bill Tanner

In addition, we will continue to service all other business - principally our environmental book of business.

I am thrilled to have been able to complete this sale with Everguard as I believe that they will do the best possible job of protecting the long term profitability of the program while continuing to meet your needs for a product that is competitive as to both price and form.

Thank you for your program business for these past 17 years.

Thanks and regards

Bill Tanner

The press release of the sale can be found here. For further information about Everguard Insurance Services please visit

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