Anchor Bay Insurance Managers Surpluslines

About Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay Insurance Managers, Inc. is a program manager focused almost entirely on our restaurant, bar and tavern program. We were founded in May of 2000 and began operations that September. The business is located in Silverdale, WA.

We began with a Restaurant, Bar & Tavern program and quickly added MGA and brokerage capabilities with a strong focus on contractors. In 2005, when the "great recession" hit, we chose to sell off our binding authority and brokerage operations and to focus again almost exclusively on our Restaurant, Bar & Tavern program.

Since that time we have been remarkably successful, growing a small book of business five-fold while remaining extraordinary profitable for our carrier.

We Do NOT Do Business Directly With The General Public.

The only way to access us is to go through an appointed Insurance Agency. We don't have the staff or the products to meet your needs -- other than those within the very narrow focus of our program. You need auto, homeowners, life, health and a whole range of coverages that we don't offer. So pick up your phone, call your agent and tell him or her that Anchor Bay sent you.