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Please click here to see if we are clear on the account and to see if their liquor activity is sufficiently clean for us to consider it. Needless to say, you don't need practice filling out applications if you are blocked or if the account is clearly not eligible. So save yourself the time. We will try to get back to you within an hour.

Note: In order to check for liquor activity we need the account name and address, including state. The name of the owner and the name of any other establishments that he or she owns or owned in the past can also be helpful.

Also note: If you check an account for liquor activity and a prior submission, we will reserve the market for you for 24 hours (not counting weekends and holidays) from the time stamp on our advice to you to proceed. After 24 hours, we will revert to a "first in" approach.

Finally note: There are other reasons for declining an account beside too much liquor activity or a prior submit. Our advice to you that you are clear and may proceed with a submission is not a guarantee that we will offer a quote. The point here is to help you avoid wasting your time, filling out applications that we know almost immediately that we can't consider.


We now require the use of our on line applications over ACORD, competitor and even our own pdf format applications. Our on line applications are downloadable to our system; the others, we have to re-key. As such, they allow us to generate a much faster and more accurate quote.

To promote our on line applications, we are paying a higher commission for using them. We have four apps – the one you will use most often is the “1 Location and 1 Building” app from the grid below. The others are available if you have additional buildings – either at the primary location or as a second, third or fourth location. If you have more than four locations, please give me a call before you submit the account.

Sometimes, the process goes haywire and we will do the manual inputting if it does – assuming that you have a printed copy that you can send us.


For Fastest Quote Service & Higher Commission...

Please use our online applications...

For new business FIRST SUBMITTED via our online app below, we pay 15% commission; use any other app, including our own pdf versions, we will only pay 10% commission. That's a big difference.

1 Location and 1 Building

2 Locations or 1 Location but 2 Buildings

Up to 3 Locations / Buildings

Up to 4 Locations / Buildings

Please open these files using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer only.

Other browsers won’t work as they have a built in conflict that we cannot design around. Also, please complete the app and before you press the “Submit” button, please print a copy using your browser’s print function.

Complete the app and before you press the “Submit” button, please print a copy using your browser’s print function.

But you still have to click on the submit button
or we won't get the downloadable app!!!

We realize that this is a bit clunky and we apologize for that. We are working on a new online app that will not only work with all browsers but will store the answers in a database for use at renewal.


  • Our Renewal Application is located here. Note that we can accept our own renewal application most years, but need a new full application every three years. Not also that the commission is higher using our full on-line application, so even if we do not require a full application, you might want to consider presenting one.
  • Our Habitational Supplement is located here.
  • Our EPLI Application & Renewal Applications are located here and located here.
  • A Monoline Liquor Application is located here. This is an off program carrier and note that, at this time, they are only writing in Oregon. We do not have a monoline Liquor Liability market in Alaska, Colorado or Washington.

If you have questions, please call the Program Manager, Bill Tanner at (360) 649-8969.

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