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While we write bars – which we define as being accounts with more than 75% liquor – we are not hugely competitive on them. It’s not that we don’t like them – we do; they have nice fat premiums. The problem is that our competitors, in our opinion, materially underprice them and we are not willing to write business at what are, in our opinion, inadequate rates. So we have a hit ratio of maybe only (guessing) 30% on bars.

  • We do not write bars in Oregon. Oregon is an extremely difficult state in which to profitably write Liquor Liability and every program that I’ve ever know has lost their shirt there. As such, we have much tighter underwriting criteria, and higher pricing, in Oregon than we do in other states. Not writing in excess of 75% liquor is one such criterion. Even with tighter underwriting criteria and increased pricing, Oregon is still our least profitable state.
  • We do not write nightclubs – but a small amount of entertainment is permissible. That amount, however, is considerably less than would be the case with a tavern or pub.
  • We do not write strip joints (even if you call them gentlemen’s clubs).
  • We do not write casino’s / mini-casinos (but cardrooms, lottery, video poker, etc. are fine).
  • We do not write pool halls (but a small number of pool tables is acceptable).
  • We do write accounts with incidental, premises-driven exposures. For example, we write accounts with a limited amount of off-premises catering but do not write caterers, per se.

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On bars, we almost always sublimit (or in extreme cases, exclude) Assault & Battery on the CGL. We also exclude Assault & Battery on the Liquor Liability so as to prevent the stacking of limits.

For additional details about our handling of Assault & Battery, please see the "COMMON MISUNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT ASSAULT & BATTERY…" half way down the Program Coverages page.

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If you have questions, please call the Program Manager, Bill Tanner at (360) 649-8969.

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