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Classes of business written

We can also write premises driven incidental exposures such as gift shops, catering, etc., with “incidental” being the operative word. We can write, for example, a restaurant with an incidental motel – but we cannot write a motel with an incidental restaurant. The term is more restrictive than it is expansive.

Coverages Available

We can and cannot write as follows:

  • We can (and usually do) write Property, Commercial General Liability & LiquorLiability
  • We can write Property & Commercial General Liability
  • We can write Commercial General Liability
  • We can write Commercial General Liability & Liquor Liability – however, we usually require the Property coverage on the theory that if we are taking the difficult part of the risk, then we deserve the entire account.
  • We do not write Monoline Liquor Liability in the program. However, depending on the state, we may have a market available that is outside the program.
  • We do not offer Actual Loss Sustained (ALS) on the Business Interruption coverage.

For a list of our many coverage advantages, please click here.

Commercial Umbrella / Excess General Liability & Liquor Liability coverage is also available through an “A” rated (and occasionally admitted) carrier for accounts up to 75% liquor. In order to secure a quote, we need ACORD Applicant Information (ACORD 125) and Excess / Umbrella (ACORD 131) sections, fully completed. We can usually have a quote back overnight. Most accounts are priced at about $1000, including taxes & fees, for the first $1 mil.

Finally, we do not offer Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) as part of our program, for the reasons shown here. We do offer the coverage on a monoline basis, however, through an “A” rated, admitted carrier. It is written on a strong form, with high limits, and comes with loss control. Our new business application may be found here and our renewal app may be found here.

Limits available.

  • Property – We can, but rarely do, write over a $2 mil TIV per location. If you have higher limits, we will usually encourage you to write some or all of the property outside the program and offer to write just the Commercial General Liability and the Liquor Liability.
  • Commercial General Liability – We most often write a $1 mil Occurrence limit with $2 mil for the Common Cause and Products Aggregates.

    That said, we can also write a primary $2 mil Occurrence limit on the CGL (not the Liquor) where the lease requires it. For most accounts, the AP is about $500, plus tax.
  • Liquor Liability – We can write up to a $1 mil / $2 mil limit.

Program Territory.

We currently write this program in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. We plan to add several western states to this list later this year.

Underwriting requirements applicable to all accounts.

  • We take a quasi-preferred market approach, principally seeking accounts that fail to qualify for the standard market by virtue of too much liquor or entertainment.

    We do not knowingly write substandard or distressed business. If, upon inspection, we find that we are on such an account, we will cancel midterm, as soon as the law allows. A few “minor” recommendations will not cause immediate cancellation but significant recommendations, or too many minor recommendations, will.
  • Accounts may not have had an Assault & Battery or Liquor Liability loss for at least the past three years and may not have had significant loss problems generally.
  • Exceptions may be made but generally accounts may not have any serving-related liquor service issues – such as violations (including verbal warnings) for over-service or service to a minor.
  • Accounts that cook in grease – or that cook foods that generate grease – must have must meet all normal fire safety requirements, including having an automatic suppression system. Exception: Foods cooked in UL approved, self-contained equipment may be acceptable. “Dry” suppression systems may or may not be eligible for our target account rates – it’s a judgement call.
  • Accounts must meet all life safety requirements.


  • We will pay 15% commission on NEW business that is FIRST SUBMITTED using our online application. We will pay 10% commission if such business is submitted on any other application, including our own PDF application.
  • We will 12.5% on RENEWAL business, provided that is FIRST SUBMITTED using our online application OR on our renewal application (as requested by our renewal letter). Otherwise, we will pay 10% commission.
  • Finally, for those producers with 12 or more active program policies in force with us, we will pay an extra 2.5% commission on RENEWAL BUSINESS ONLY.

So for new accounts first submitted online, we are now paying 15% commission to everyone. On renewals, we will generally pay 15% commission to our high volume agents and 12 ½% to everyone else.

This new commission applies to all policies written in our program.

And going forward, all policies, new and renewal will be written on "A" rated paper.

We welcome last-minute opportunities to quote, so get busy!

For an application, please click here.

If you have questions, please call the Program Manager, Bill Tanner at (360) 649-8969.

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