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We offer a competitive program to preferred accounts for the under 40% liquor account. This program has additional credits that are not available to our other programs and that allow us to rather commonly take business away from standard markets.

Note that we are not even remotely competitive with the “white tablecloth” programs offered by some carriers – the ones with $2 mil / $4 mil CGL limits and a list of coverage extensions that, once printed, use more paper than the federal budget. We tend to compete with their second tier programs, however.

We also tend to struggle against standard market BOPs.

For a discussion of the many coverage advantages of our program, please click here.


Please see our program overview for eligibility guidelines.

Other Notes

  • We never exclude or sublimit Assault & Battery from the CGL on restaurants. To the contrary, we are usually silent on A&B on the CGL, so there is no need for a sublimit. We do exclude it on the Liquor Liability, however, so as to prevent the stacking of limits.

    For additional details about our handling of Assault & Battery, please see the "COMMON MISUNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT ASSAULT & BATTERY…" half way down the Program Coverages page.

  • We are non-admitted, so your ability to use us may be restricted. However, depending on the law in your state, you may be able to use us when competing against an admitted market, so long as you do not have an admitted market yourself. Additionally, we offer several coverages that are sometimes not available in an admitted market and, in some states, you may use those coverages to justify a non-admitted placement. If you are unsure, please check with your insurance department for their interpretation.
  • Accounts not meeting our “preferred” requirements may still be eligible for our slightly higher Pub, Tavern & Sports bar pricing.

For an application, please click here.

If you have questions, please call the Program Manager, Bill Tanner at (360) 649-8969.

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