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Highway Road Stops


This classification was designed (principally but not exclusively) for remote Alaskan highway locations which provide a range of services for travelers. To be eligible, the account must have a restaurant, bar or tavern and will usually have other exposures, such as:

  • A small motel (up to 10 units)
  • A campground or RV space rental
  • A grocery or general store
  • Gasoline / propane sales
  • Gift shops

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Please see our program overview for eligibility guidelines.

Other Notes

  • We rarely (but occasionally) exclude or sublimit Assault & Battery from the CGL on pubs, taverns and sports bars. To the contrary, we are usually silent on A&B on the CGL, so there is no need for a sublimit. We do exclude it on the Liquor Liability, however, so as to prevent the stacking of limits.

    For additional details about our handling of Assault & Battery, please see the "COMMON MISUNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT ASSAULT & BATTERY…" half way down the Program Coverages page.

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If you have questions, please call the Program Manager, Bill Tanner at (360) 649-8969.

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